Apple Cofounder Steve Woz Cracked Up When He Saw This $US7 iPhone 'Alternative'

Steve Wozniak iCupsMagdim MukhSteve Wozniak un-boxes the iCups

Got $US7? Then you, too, can own the “ultimate iRonic gift”: iCups.

iCups is “the apex of high fashion and high technology. No screen, no buttons, no apps. Just simple, pure communication,” its maker says.

This iCups is not to be confused with the “iCups Technician,” which is what Apple calls its in-house baristas who make coffee concoctions for Apple staffers.

This iCups is the brainchild of comic Mike Mukhametshin, creator of ADA Sports, a competition for animators on YouTube where people vote for the funniest cartoon.

It’s not a joke that Mukhametshin is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for iCups, trying to raise $US10,000 to send it into mass production. Things aren’t going so well. It’s only raised about $US2,300 with 16 days left to go. But even if the Kickstarter campaign itself flops, the iCups Kickstarter page itself is hilarious.

For instance:

“We engineered iCups using high quality paper and some green arts and crafts string for superior sound quality.”

“Addressing battery-life issues, we not only made a technological breakthrough, we basically performed a miracle by designing the iCups to run without any battery whatsoever.”

More of our favourite jokes come from the list of iCups benefits:

  • No more confusing IOS updates. With iCups, it’s like nothing changes… ever.
  • Can you drink a soda out of your smartphone? Didn’t think so!
  • Lightweight. Weighs less than three paper cups.
  • Call anyone anywhere in the world anytime! *As long as that person is standing within 6-feet from you.
  • Cut ties with your service provider with one snip of the scissors.

And if all this wasn’t silly enough, he even drew stick figure cartoons to demonstrate all of iCups features:

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