7 Insanely Useful Ways To Search Twitter For Marketing

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Photo: www.flickr.com

Note: This article was originally published on OPEN Forum.

As a marketing tool Twitter gets much more interesting and useful when you can filter out 99% of the junk that doesn’t apply to your objectives and focus on the stuff that matters.

The basic search.twitter.com functionality is fine for searching things that are being said about your search terms. The advanced search function offers more ways to slice and dice the stream, but still leaves some room for improvement as it only searches what’s being said and where. From a marketing standpoint who is saying it might be more useful.

Now that the search engines are all pretty geeked up over real time search you can create some very powerful searches and alerts combining Google and Twitter.

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Target by occupation

Target by bio

Target by location

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Keep up on your industry

Competitive eavesdropping

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