Two Tourists Catch Alleged Homeless Thief As He Flees New York 7-Eleven

Not the Midtown 7-Eleven

Photo: Ryan H

As a father and son were touring midtown Manhattan on Sunday, they got more of a surprise than they bargained for.Dave Dixon and his 19-year-old son Sam were posing for pictures near the Empire State Building when homeless man Danny Skyes fled an area 7-Eleven, the New York Post reported Monday.

7-Eleven employee Lamousbila Lankoandein was reportedly following Skyes yelling, “Stop, thief!”

Sam blocked Skyes long enough for Lankoandein to tackle him. The three men then reportedly held Skyes in place until police arrived.

Skyes has 24 prior arrests and had already robbed the midtown 7-Eleven two other times, according to the Post.

“We were just doing our part,” Dave Dixon told the Post.

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