7 Crazy Hollywood Concoctions That Actually Exist

Minority Report

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Hollywood has come up with some pretty cool, futuristic inventions. Batman can scale walls, Tom Cruise can control screens with his hands in Minority Report, and space people use jet packs.Well, the future is here. Many of these sci-fi inventions have been made by inventors.

Here are 7 Hollywood concepts that are real products >>
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Taking off

Hollywood Concept:
Professor John Robin's jetpack in Lost in Space

Real-Life Innovation:
The Martin Jetpack by Martin Aircraft

Mind Games

Hollywood Concept:
Alien brain-wave communication in Battle: Los Angeles

Real-Life Innovation:
The MindSet brain-wave interface by NeuroSky

Look, no hands!

Hollywood Concept:
The gesture-controlled computer in Minority Report

Real-Life Innovation:
The g-speak Spatial Operating Environment by Oblong Industries

Going Up

Hollywood Concept:
The grapple gun Batman uses to scale buildings

Real-Life Innovation:
The Atlas Power Ascender by Atlas Devices

Say Cheese

Hollywood Concept:
The iris recognition device in The Simpsons Movie

Real-Life Innovation:
The InSight VM by AOptix

Do you read me?

Hollywood Concept:
The personal communicator badges worn by the Star Trek crew

Real-Life Innovation:
The B2000 communication badge by Vocera

Alone at last

Hollywood Concept:
The underwater convertible James Bond uses to elude a Russian assassin in The Spy Who Loved Me

Real-Life Innovation:
The sQuba by Rinspeed

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