[SPOILERS] The 7 biggest questions we have after this week's 'Westworld' episode


As always, we have questions about “Westworld,” this time after watching the second episode of season two, called “Reunion.’

In the episode, we find out that William/The Man in Black is responsible for building something he calls his “greatest mistake,” and Dolores claims she’s looking for a weapon that could be what William is referring to.

We also learn a little more about the history of the characters on the show including Logan, who we see discover the technology of the hosts in the past.

Here are our biggest questions after watching ‘Westworld’ season 2, episode 2:

What is the meaning of the flashback with Arnold and Dolores?


Ford also makes an appearance in these flashbacks, but we’re guessing that something Dolores remembers from these scenes will become important to the events in the present. We just don’t know what that is right now.

Why did Logan Delos get targeted as an investor? Is he the only one who was?


Clearly Logan wasn’t the actual target: that was his father, James Delos, who is reluctant about what his son invested so much money into. But William, who visited the park and was reluctant about it himself, attempts to convince James otherwise.

At this point, we can assume that Logan was targeted because he was more likely to invest than his dad. But was anyone else sought out as an investor in the park?

What is Delos doing with guest data and DNA?


We asked this last week, and we’re asking again because we still don’t have an answer. And we also just wanted to remind you that, yes, Delos is collecting guest data and DNA, and we don’t know why.

How much does Dolores remember? And can other hosts access their memories in the way she can?


It looks like she recalls most of, if not all of, the things that have happened to her, and it’s proving to be quite dangerous. Now that Teddy is aware of what he is, and other hosts like Hector and Maeve are too, what is going on inside their heads? We know that Maeve also has access to some memories of her life with her daughter, but we’re curious about how far advanced Dolores is compared to the other hosts.

Where is Maeve’s daughter?

Maeve has recruited a team to help her find her programmed daughter. But where is she? She’s clearly not in Westworld anymore, and we can assume that she’s not the right fit for Shogun World. What other parks are there, and which one is Maeve’s daughter in?

Why does William need El Lazo?


El Lazo was clearly written by Ford to interact with William inside the park. We still don’t quite understand why, but it could have something to do with the weapon William and Dolores are talking about in this episode.

What is the weapon William told Dolores about?


We have so many questions about this, and no idea what it could be, other than that it’s clearly very dangerous. Dolores appears to know where it is, and William referred to it as his “greatest mistake.” That’s not good.

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