7 Big Industries That Are Being Reinvented All Over Again

Earlier today, we published Kleiner Perkins Partner Mary Meeker’s presentation on the state of the web.

Within her deck, she highlighted seven industries that the Internet is causing to be reimagined.

We highlight them below, using one of her slides to portray her arguments for each.

1) Day-to-day activities: Everyone is migrating into apps that are changing how we listen to music, shop for groceries, meet people, and order local services.

2) Data: The mountains of data now available will allow previously uncrackable problems to be solved — but it will obliterate old norms about privacy.

3) ‘Industry Verticals’: Sectors like home decorating could collapse into a single company like Houzz.

4) Money: Bitcoin’s growth is real and accelerating

5) Distribution channels and content: One in five readers of any online article click through to it on Facebook.

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Kleiner Perkins

6) Apps: ‘Idle browsing’ is getting replaced by apps with specific functions.

Internettrends2014 052814 pdf 140528064345 phpapp02 page 040

Kleiner Perkins

7) Messaging and communications: More frequent communications on things like Whatsapp may be more valuable than ‘broadcasts’ on things like Facebook

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