7 Big Changes Workplaces Are Making To Stay Competitive

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The office environment is changing rapidly: numerous generations are working side-by-side and the standard of conducting business is not the way it used to be. Sodexo Inc put together a report on emerging workplace trends and found that there are a few key things companies are doing to stay competitive and bring in the best talent from around the world. 

Some of these changes affect management and others are directed at the physical layout of the office, but in order to keep up with new trends, these changes should be implemented.

Feedback is provided immediately

More workers want immediate, clear feedback from their employers and team members compared to in the past.

'In 90 per cent of cases, very ambitious and clearly-defined objectives will lead to greater performance than vague objectives such as 'Do your best,' but don't be like 'Do this, do that.''

Source: Sodexo

They recognise employees with awards instead of rewarding them with more benefits

In the workplace of the future, employees won't be as focused on how many vacation days they are getting or what types of gym memberships they're qualified for. Instead, there will an emphasis on proper rewards and recognition, which can be formal or informal, monetary-based or non monetary-based.

For example, giving employee bonuses for going beyond what's expected or honouring different employees every month is effective. The bottom line is to make employees feel appreciated and valued.

Source: Sodexo

They focus on performance and productivity, not how many hours you're at the office

A nine-to-five job might work for some, but not all workers.

Companies are not as focused on how long you're physically at the office, but how much work you actually get done while you're working.

Source: Sodexo

They put more value into a nice office space

The physical layout of your company is the first thing people take notice when they visit, so make sure you 'dress to impress.'

If your office has a poor climate and appear to be not properly maintained, prospective employees or other visitors, such as investors, won't be impressed.

Source: Sodexo

They're giving out health perks that go beyond gym memberships

Corporations are turning their attention to short programs and other perks.

'Employees perceive the level of attention given to soft benefits, such as wellness programs, on-site dining and gyms as a direct reflection of senior leadership, and more importantly, their level of engagement.'

There will also be a bigger emphasis on facilitating mental health.

Source: Sodexo

This includes offering flexible schedules

Employees need multiple different places to work, connect and socialize with their peers.

'Workplace flexibility helps businesses succeed and employees thrive by giving people an integral role in deciding how, when and where they do their best work.'

The report says that 77 per cent of employees who feel that they benefit from flexibility at work tend to stay with that company whereas only 41 per cent of employees stay in companies that don't offer flexibility.

Source: Sodexo

They realise that diversity gives companies a competitive edge

The definition of diversity is changing. It still means seeking out employees with different cultural and educational backgrounds, but also people who have had a variety of occupations and life experiences.

According to the report, companies with the highest number of women in top management positions had better financial performance than companies with a lower representation. Furthermore, work culture with sufficient diversity leads to higher rates of employee engagement and satisfaction.

Source: Sodexo

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