The Media Created A Big Uproar Over 'Pink Slime' In Meat, And Now 650 Americans Will Lose Their Jobs

Ground Beef

Photo: Flickr/Ryan McDonough

Beef Products Inc. has fallen under an avalanche of criticism for its “pink slime” product which is put in ground beef. A kind of panic has spread about this product in recent months. Thousands have signed petitions to get rid of pink slime in school lunches or at local grocers

And McDonald’s took it out of their burger recipe

So many have pulled away, that Beef Products Inc. is now laying off 650 workers who make it at four plants according to this report from Ross Boettcher

According to the report there is a small and slight chance the jobs could recover. But everyone has to change their mind and learn to love the slime. 

The facilities will remain closed for 60 days. And unless public sentiment shifts dramatically, there is a chance that the plants will remain closed permanently, said Rich Jochum, a BPI spokesman.

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