64% Of Americans Canceled Their Vacations This Year


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It’s official, we’re workaholics. Summer has wound down, but most people never took advantage of the slower months. 

This weekend’s USA Today featured a study commissioned by Westin Hotels & Resorts.  After polling 1,500 employed professionals, STUDYLOGIC found:

  • 64% canceled vacations this year
  • 1/3 canceled vacations for work-related reasons
  • 25% check into work hourly while on vacation, via email and the phone
  • 58% feel they are more in need of a vacation than last year

USA Today put this to a test with a survey of their own.  Their online poll found that 51% of respondents did not travel this summer.

Now that’s just sad. 

Vacation actually helps productivity, so it’s important to work in some down time.  The same STUDYLOGIC survey also found that 67% feel better on vacation and 64% sleep better when they’re not working; keep that in mind before you let work take over your life.

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