61% of iPhone owners don't know the battery can be replaced, study says

61.4% of iPhone owners don’t know the battery on their device can be replaced, according to a study of 1,000 users by Batteries Plus Bulbs, a repair franchise.

The company also found that 56% of Americans who consider their smartphone “broken,” cite battery life as the number one issue. This suggests there might be a significant portion of people who want to get their phone fixed, and don’t know they can.

Of course, Batteries Plus Bulbs presumably wants to drive people to its own repair service, but even using Apple’s own replacement service can be much cheaper than buying a new phone. The out-of-warranty battery service cost for all iPhone models is only $US79 from the Apple Store.

Battery life can be such as issue for iPhone users that Apple itself added a new iOS 9 “low power” mode that can save battery at the expense of phone performance.

But this revelation about battery life wasn’t the only illuminating data to come out of this study. It also gave some embarrassing information about the ways in which Americans damage their phones.

Most notably, 25% threw it out of frustration, 24% dropped it in the toilet, and almost 20% couldn’t even remember because they were too drunk.

We first learned about the study’s finding from The Wall Street Journal’s Christopher Mims, who tweeted out the statistic immediately followed by “Buy $USAPPL.”

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