Why 60's Ad Legend George Lois Thinks Don Draper Was A 'Talentless Bum'

george lois don draper

Photo: George Lois

George Lois is one of the most iconic ad men to rise from 1960’s Madison Avenue, but don’t you dare compare him to “Mad Men” hero Don Draper.”First of all, I was more handsome than Don Draper; thousands of women have voted,” Lois, now 81, told me with a wink. Although Draper was not based on Lois, many have commented on the resemblance between the two.

But it’s more than just looks. The legendary art director was at the forefront of the creative revolution. He conceptualizing classic ad campaigns for Xerox and Jiffy Lube (to name a few), designed more than 90 Esquire covers, directing Bob Dylan’s “Jokerman” music video, and came up with the slogan “I Want My MTV.”

By contrast, Lois told us that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce was filled with a bunch of heavy drinking, secretary “shtupping,” racist, “talentless bums.” So then we invited him to give his critique of Mad Men on camera. Watch the video to see Lois elaborate on why he isn’t champing at the bit to see Sunday’s season five premiere.

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