60% Of Twitter Users Quit After A Month

Oprah isn’t the only new user already bored with Twitter. In fact, about 60% of Twitter users quit after their first month, Nielsen Online estimates. The good news for Twitter is that its 40% retention rate is higher than it was a month ago. The bad news is social networking peers MySpace and Facebook keep a much higher percentage of their new users each month — about 60% of them.

Here’s a chart illustrating that disparity and how it impacts reach:


MediaMemo’s Peter Kafka warns not to read too much into Nielsen’s numbers:

It’s worth noting here that Nielsen is likely overstating the churn because it is only measuring visits to the Twitter.com URL. The majority of Twitter use happens away from the site, on mobile phones and apps like Tweetdeck, and it’s theoretically possible to never visit Twitter.com after you sign up.

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