POLL: 60% Of The Country Wants To Balance The Budget By Taxing The Rich

Flying Wealthy

Watch out Wall St?

The latest Vanity Fair/CBS poll reveals that the majority of the country — To the tune of 60% — would prefer to tax the wealthy as a way to solve federal budget crisis.

Equally as interesting is the fact 20% of those polled thinks the money should come from defence spending.  Very few people think the money should come from either Medicare or Social Security (4% and 3%, respectively). 

If you only follow Washington politics these numbers may surprise you.  Taxing the rich and reducing defence spending are not exactly memes you hear many politicians spouting. 

That dissonance, however, is clearly reflected in a separate poll which asks “If you could snap your fingers and magically fix one troubled part of the world, which one of the following would you choose?” 

36% chose Washington, 14% chose Haiti. 

On Morning Joe this morning they discussed this increasing “social rage at the rich” pointing out that while you may ‘hate’ the rich everyone hopes their child will achieve the same. 

Full poll results here.  Vid below.




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