60 Minutes to Actually Investigate Facebook? Of Course Not

Our Peter Kafka previewed 60 Minutes’ forthcoming segment on Facebook two months ago in “60 Minutes Won’t Hurt Facebook–Facebook Will”. Peter’s take? Get ready for a gee-whiz look at a 23 year-old billionaire:

Remember, most of 60 Minutes’ audience hasn’t heard of Facebook, so expect the piece to be a sort of primer: Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard dropout. He wears sandals. He’s worth billions! etc. There will be an obligatory nod to a “privacy controversy,” followed by a clip of Facebook’s privacy officer, explaining that Facebook takes privacy seriously, etc. Cue the Metamucil ads.

But now Forrester analyst Charlene Li, nterviewed for the segment, says questioner Leslie Stahl actually knew what she was talking about. Could this mean that 60 Minutes will actually put Zuckerberg on the spot? We still doubt it.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, incensed that Facebook stole one of his people, has launched the latest salvo in his War on Facebook: a 60 Minutes promo reminding everyone that Facebook is still using your picture and name to market products to your friends without your permission.

Oh, and the Bebo “open” social network API launches.  Developers claim to be stoked.

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