6 things you need to know about the Adelaide Football Club

Lleyton Hewitt playing in the No.1 guernsey for the Crows Legends back in 2002. Photo: Nick Wilson/Getty Images

1. The Supreme Court played a key role in setting up the club’s inaugural season in 1991, and it was all to do with arch-rival Port Adelaide. Port almost skipped ahead of the Crows, reaching an agreement in 1990 with the AFL to join the following year. But state football league the SANFL launched legal action to block the bid, and a few months later the AFL approved the proposal of a representative South Australian team, rather than a single SANFL club.

2. Speaking of Port, they did end up joining the AFL in 1997 and there’s no love lost. After 43 “showdown” games between the Crows and Port Power, the tally stands at 22-21 in the Crows’ favour. A 2002 game got so heated that it spilled off the field, culminating in a legendary brawl at the local pub between the Crow’s Mark Ricciuto and Josh Carr from the Power.

3. Inaugural club CEO Bill Sanders not only ran the day-to-day operations, he also wrote the lyrics to the club’s team song, which is set to “The Marine‚Äôs Hymn”, adopted from a 19th century French opera.

4. Crows fans are known for being a bit… let’s say “precious”. Also referred to as “the chardonnay set”, a typical Crows fan is generally elderly and enjoys their creature comforts. And they include homemade apricot slices from an old family recipe according to one group of devoted retirees who Port Power fans still make fun of to this day.

5. This year’s grand final marks 20 years since the Crows first premiership triumph in 1997. Superstitiously hopeful Crows fans will recall that 20 years ago, their opponent’s best player — Robert Harvey from the St Kilda Saints — also won the Brownlow Medal, something Richmond star Dusty Martin did earlier this week.

6. The club has an assortment of international sporting stars who count themselves as fans. Local boy — and tennis legend — Lleyton Hewitt has been the number one ticket holder since 2002. Golfing champion Adam Scott is also a fan, as well as NBA star Patty Mills from the San Antonio Spurs.

BONUS ITEM: The Crows had a high-flying forward in the 1990’s called Tony Modra who’s responsible for some of the most specatular marks in the modern era. Proof is in the footage below:

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