6 Things You Need To Do For Your Career Really Soon


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We’re always reading self-help books on topics like love or happiness, so why not do something different this month and focus on your professional development?There’s always room for learning, and bettering yourself will give you more focus and drive towards your job. It’s also a chance for you to revamp your career, feed your brain, and gain confidence.

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1. Check Your Company Budget

First of all, check with your boss or HR to see if your company is willing to expense your professional development plan. Talk to them about your ideas and give them specific details such as the class you want to attend and how much it costs. Explain how this will help with your performance as an employee.

2. Brainstorm a Game Plan

Decide what professional development means to you and what skills you feel you can use. Then, give some thought to what the best way to get there is. Take your own initiative to research potential projects and talk to friends and co-workers for suggestions.

3. Toasting Your Way to Success

No, this does not involve copious amounts of champagne. Think about joining your local Toastmasters club to improve your public speaking. Shed your shyness and learn how to better articulate yourself. It’s a great skill to have and applicable to many situations including presentations and interviews. The meetings are also a great venue for networking and making friends.

4. Stuff Your Brain

It’s cliched, but a good book really goes a long way. To make it fun for you, pick a topic you’re interested in and a good writer who will make a bland topic seem fun. My personal favourite is Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You to Be Rich. You can also update your Google reader with entertaining blogs that cover your field of interest.

5. Pen Your Future

I know you’re not an oracle, but you can certainly map out where you see yourself in five years. It’s a good way of getting the ball rolling with ideas on how to develop yourself professionally. After writing your future goals, you can figure out what steps you need to take to get there and what you can do in the meantime. Whether it’s attending professional mixers to network or taking GMAT classes, taking these initial baby steps is the only way to achieve your five-year plan!

6. Get Linked

Take a moment to update your profile on Linkedin, Doostang or any other professional social networking platform you use. It’s a great confidence booster to see your career achievements listed out as well as recommendations from your boss and colleagues. Get in touch with people in your industry or old friends that you haven’t talked to in a while. Who knows, a great new job opportunity may pop up!

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