6 Things The iPhone 5 Must Have Or I'm Switching To Android

iphone 5

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We have a pretty good idea of what to expect when Apple’s newest iPhone arrives next month.If we’re to believe the most consistent rumours, the so-called iPhone 5 will have a larger screen, 4G data connection, and a slimmer profile.

While Apple has pretty much showed their cards, I bet that it’s holding out on some dynamic features that will draw me back to my favourite phone. 

On the other hand, Android has intrigued me lately. The newest version of Android, Jelly Bean, has closed the gap between Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems. 

As thing stands right now, the iPhone feels stale. If Apple doesn’t add these simple improvements then I’m switching to Android and not looking back.

Show me exactly how much data I am using without having to download an app.

The iPhone doesn't have a native way to show exactly how much data you are consuming. That's a problem.

As data plans get more complicated and our data usage rises, we need to stay on top of how much we are using. Android keeps its users in the know by displaying exactly how much data a device is using right in the settings app. There are several third-party iPhone apps that'll help you manage your data, but we wish the iPhone's tool had more options.

The Android data monitor can show you which apps are using the most data and allow you to set a limit each month. The iPhone can't do that.

Make it easier for me to type

Who doesn't hate an autocorrect fail?

While both iPhone and Android keyboards can help predict what you're trying to type, I prefer the way Android gives you multiple options for what it thinks you're trying to say. All you have to do is tap the word to finish typing it. The iPhone only makes one best guess at what you're trying to type, and it's wrong often enough to be annoying.

While I believe it is easy now to type on the iPhone it could become even easier if the software was better able to better predict my next move.

An improvement to autocorrect would be welcomed as well. It's frustrating that I've had an iPhone for four years and it still changes 'Yo' to 'To.' The phone should have learned it's lesson by now.

Give me some of Siri's features offline

I know that having all of Siri's capabilities available offline is unrealistic. But Google was able to cram voice dictation into the OS without an Internet connection.

It's all right if Apple limits what Siri can do while offline, but it would be handy if I could at least set an alarm or reminder without having to go through Apple's servers first.

Make notifications better

Android's new notification tweaks are much more useful than the iPhone's. The notification centre is meant to be a hub for relevant information, not just a log of missed alerts.

Notifications are pretty boring on the iPhone right now. They could be spiced up if Apple added Siri integration, an expanded view of the email inbox, and contact photos.

Android has also included brightness, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other controls in the notification centre for a while. These would be useful if they were integrated into Apple's notification centre too.

Make Maps available offline

Android lets you download Google Maps so you can get directions without a connection.

I have plenty of space on my iPhone, if I could download maps periodically this would be a great help when I don't have a data connection.

Let me unzip files directly on my device

With Android, I can download a file from the web, unzip it, and access it without needing a computer.

It's unrealistic to think that Apple would open up a potential security risk like this, but it would be nice to at least allow it from emails and trusted sources.

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