6 Style Rules For Guys In Their 20s

Yes, it’s the decade you can try anything, be anyone you want, and look good in (almost) everything, but you still need a little bit of guidance. Here’s 6 rules to follow.

1. Play To Your Strengths

We’re gonna show you how to dress like a champ. (A totally age- appropriate champ.) Just remember that style starts with knowledge of self, whether you’re in your young-buck years or ageing like a legend.

2. Getting Dressed Is A Game Of Hi-Lo

Being in your twenties is about balancing out your rash splurges (the parka) with more-frugal buys (the sweater). When done right, your friends won’t know what came from the runway and what came from the bargain rack.

3. Casual Doesn’t Mean Sloppy

It is your God-given right to dress down — but not to look messy. Focus on fit: A tee and hoodie should hug your body.

4. Flex A Little Creativity

If you’re not as lucky, you can still find a killer baseball jacket and black jeans — you’ll just have to work harder. Hit up your H&Ms and Topmans where the look is luxury-like for way less.

5. Take Risks

Your twenties are about trying on different stylistic personas — the New-Age Greaser, the 2014 Beastie Boy, the Young Man in the Plaid Suit — and switching them out like socks. You’ll eventually find a personal style that works, and stick to it, but until then, experiment.

6. Show Off A Little

The older, softer you asked us to remind the younger, chiseled you to flaunt it while you can. Slim-fit jeans, muscle tees, and the occasional overzealous shirtlessness.

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