6 stunning sustainable homes across Australia

Image: Jack Lovel

Sustainability never looked so good.

It has never been more important to take care of our planet, with news of climate change constantly making headlines. Amid the debates about climate change, the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed that 2019 was the warmest and driest year on record for Australia.

We took a look at sustainable houses around Australia: homes which are fitted with energy-efficient lighting, produce their own electricity, capture their own rainwater, and – in some cases – process their own wastewater.

Take a look at the homes here, some of which were shortlisted in the 2019 Houses Magazine Awards:

Elemental House, Victoria

Image: Jack Lovel

This off the grid house one hour out of Melbourne produces and stores its own power, gathers its own rainwater and treats its very own wastewater. While it only has one bedroom, a living room and one bathroom, its spot on a hill provides beautiful panoramic views of its surroundings.

Bundeena House, NSW

Image: RAArchitects

The garage of this home includes a 6.8 KW solar system which powers an electric heat pump. The pump regulates both cold and hot water tank. The hot tank supplies radiators for heating and the cold tank cools the air before it is goes into the living rooms.

Hart House, NSW

Image: Rhys Holland

Nestled on the shoreline of Great Mackerel Beach, this house is only accessible by water. It is mainly self-sufficient, with its roofs fitted with solar panels and waste processed onsite.

The Seed House, NSW

Image: David Campbell

This home is surrounded by trees, with its natural surroundings providing the basis for the materials it was made of, including timber, stone, steel and concrete.

Bundeena Beach House, NSW

Image: Michael Nicholson Photography

This house is located on a rocky outcrop on the edge of a secluded beach in the Royal National Park. For an extra green touch, its roof is filled with plants that create a “green infinity edge” over the water.

Canberra Beach House, ACT

Canberra Beach House. Image screenshot.

This home comes with a plethora of sustainable features including energy efficient lights and appliances, above ground rainwater storage and even waterwise plants.

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