6 Reasons Why People Still Hate The Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are back-to-back champions. King James has lived up to his self-appointed moniker, undeniably owning the NBA mountaintop. 

The Heat beat the Spurs in an all-time epic seven-game series, living up to and surpassing all expectations for an NBA Finals match. Miami never led the series until after Game 7, clawed out of a 3-2 series hole and survived being down by 10 entering the fourth quarter of Game 6. The Heat displayed prodigious grit and skill on their way to becoming the best team in the NBA, again.

And still, they are the most polarising team in the league. No other team evokes the type of vitriol and scorn. Why, after two straight championship runs, do the haters still hate?

This video:

James and Chris Bosh were received in South Beach with a coronation. The party was classic Miami, celebrating the unclaimed but foretold. The part that irks most fans is LeBron’s claim that the Heat would win “not five, not six, not seven…” championships. He’s got two now, and maybe he’s Nostradamus in shorts, but that’s still a ways to go.  

LeBron’s horrendous flops:


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There is no reason the greatest athlete on the planet should act like a poison dart just hit him when he barely gets touched.

Dwyane Wade’s horrendous flops:


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Just play ball.

Mario Chalmers thinks he is a top 10 point guard:

Mario Chalmers NBA Champion Heat Top 10

He said it in 2012, and again in 2013. This coming from a career 42 per cent shooter who averaged 8.6 points and 3.5 assists this year. Chalmers best exemplifies the grandiose confidence the Big Three’s teammates exude. No doubt Chalmers is a clutch player in big games, but it’s easy to play well when surrounded by superstars. 

Chris Bosh is just…awkward:

Chris Bosh face Heat Champions

There is nothing like the Chris Bosh face.

They are really good.

Miami Heat Haters Champions LeBron

At the end of the day, haters gonna hate.