How studying online can reduce costs and avoid assessment deadlines

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There are upsides to revisiting uni when you’re further along in life.

For one, you’ll likely have a clearer direction than you did fresh out of high school, and people who continue their studies after being in the workforce tend to have an actual goal in mind.

The ultimate challenge, at least in the past, was how to successfully balance full-time study with a full-time career. Do you put your entire life on hold, potentially sacrificing your career trajectory, to go back and study? Can you afford to study again, with MBAs costing an average of $58,000 in 2020? Should you risk your current wage to progress further?

These are all valid questions that universities have made steps to address and solve, with CQUniversity Australia leading the charge.

1. Fewer overheads can mean affordable pricing

Generally, online courses can cost the same as their on-campus counterparts, however, with CQUniversity’s online MBA (Leadership), they’ve circumnavigated many of the overheads associated with traditional course delivery, reducing the administration and course costs that come with timetabling of lecturers, rooms and equipment, making the entire process far more affordable.

Depending on the type of MBA you are considering, you could be looking at other Australian MBA’s ranging in cost from $37,000 through to $100,000, so the price tag of $17,000 for a quality MBA is much more affordable and won’t break the bank. Plus, there are options to pay upfront, as-you-go, or access the FEE-HELP loan scheme if eligible.

2. More flexibility than a standard course

Removing the need to commute to and from uni is a massive advantage for people who need to keep their schedule flexible, and, since working from home has proven to be more successful than initially predicted, there’s no reason to suggest that the success rate can’t be translated to studying from home, too.

CQUni’s MBA (Leadership) takes online learning a step further, providing all course content (including readings) from a single mobile-friendly platform, in sessions designed to take 30-40 minutes.

3. The day of the deadline can cease to exist

One of the most enticing aspects, though, is that CQUni’s online MBA (Leadership) course has removed assessment deadlines, allowing you to complete the course in as little as 12-18 months or up to five years – and for the naturally tardy, that’s music to their ears.

Granted, deadlines can be a great motivation for completing work that’d otherwise slip by the wayside, but as long as you create a study schedule that works for you with self-set deadlines, there’s no reason that you’d become more complacent than if you were doing a course that would punish you for late submissions.

4. It decreases the risk of burnout

At the crux of it, online studying allows for the unpredictable nature of life and you won’t be penalised for taking your time, which is much more reflective of reality than your standard uni semester.

The flexibility of the course allows you to move at your own pace and maintain your current full-time position without risking very real burnout – additionally, you can also pause or fast-track your workload to study around social and family commitments or if you’re required to log some last-minute overtime.

“The student is in the driver’s seat. I decided when I wanted to study, what I wanted to study and best of all when I wanted to submit my assessments. There are no semesters, so once I completed a subject, I could move straight onto the next which worked great for my lifestyle,” said MBA (Leadership) graduate Susan Morey.

5. The benefits can be immediate

There are numerous MBA options to choose from which align to different student goals. Some students have their sights set on world domination, while others complete an MBA with a comparatively modest desire to further progress in their current role or obtain new skills that will give them leverage when applying for more senior positions.

The MBA (Leadership) focusses on the key elements of leadership, social innovation and entrepreneurship, giving students the know-how to lead a business into growth, and the course units can be completed in any order allowing students to immediately benefit from implementing what they have learned into everyday work life.

6. Networking opportunities can arise

Returning to uni alongside like-minded students can open numerous doors as, when it comes down to it, life after the age of 21 is 90% networking. You could connect with people who work in an industry or for a company that you’ve always fancied, and just like that you’ve found your next career venture.

“Although the course is completely online, I was able to connect with other students to meet people from completely different fields and backgrounds. In the 21st century, networking is no longer confined to a classroom – group forums and social networks are just as accessible wherever you are. I am still involved in a group chat where we have lively discussions,” Morey explains.

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