6 inmates in a Tennessee prison escaped through a broken toilet

Tennessee inmates escape through broken toiletCocke County Sheriff’s OfficeClockwise from top left: John Thomas Shehee, Harce Wade Allen, David Wayne Frazier and Eric S. Click.

Six inmates escaped from a Tennessee jail through a broken toilet early Christmas morning, the Cocke County Sheriff’s office said, according to KOMO News.

The police are still searching for one of the inmates, after capturing the other five shortly after they made their escape.

According to police, the toilet the inmates escaped through had rusted bolts and damaged concrete that was caused by a water leak, which allowed them to remove it and escape through the hole it left in the wall.

The escaped inmates were Steven Lewis, John Speir, John Shehee, Harce Allen, Eric Click, and David Wayne Frazier.

The remaining inmate who hasn’t been captured, David Wayne Frazier, is thought to be the most dangerous of the group, according to WATE 6. Frazier, 54, was arrested on charges of aggravated robbery and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

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