6 Features Twitter Users Say They'd Pay For

Twitter is working on a paid, optional product for corporations that want to get more out of the messaging service. (Its core service will always be free to everyone.) But regular users — ‘prosumers’ or small businesses — have shown some interest in paying for premium services, too.

Twitter cofounder Biz Stone told us yesterday that potential for-fee, add-on features for corporate users could include account verification, lightweight analytics, or introducing customers to businesses on Twitter. Those are all good ideas.

But in the comments on yesterday’s post, Twitter users listed a bunch of other things they’d consider paying Twitter for. These include:

  • Slightly longer messages: 160 characters instead of 140.
  • Unlimited or prioritised access to API. (Twitter limits how many requests an account can make per hour.)
  • Auto-deleting deadbeat followers who haven’t logged in within a month.
  • More reliable service. (Can’t really charge on a per-user basis for this though, unless there’s a separate Twitter that’s more reliable, right?)
  • Link-click analytics. (Free already if you use bit.ly, though some limitations.)
  • Guaranteeing that their old tweets (all of them) are available forever, and easier to sift through.

Again: Twitter has promised it will always offer free service, and will never require that individual or corporate customers have to pay a cent to use Twitter. This is a no-brainer. But it’s also smart to offer paid add-ons for power users.

Is there anything else you’d pay Twitter for?

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