6 Do's And Don'ts For Your Company's Twitter Account

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Note: This post was originally published on OPEN Forum.

It’s often a smart idea for your company to be on Twitter, the popular online messaging service.

How much you invest will depend on what type of business you’re in, but generally, the more consumer-facing your company is, the more help you’ll get from Twitter.

What you decide to do with your Twitter account will also vary widely by your company’s industry, size, and location. But here are some general pointers for things you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do with your company’s Twitter account.

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DO have a personality

Talk like a person, share stories, etc. No one wants to follow a boring robot, unless your account is a boring robot with a specific function.

DO NOT be obnoxious with your customer retweets

Don't spend too much time retweeting customers saying nice things about you. Once in a while, maybe. But too often, companies blast 4 or 5 tweets of praise in a row. Many people simply unfollow those accounts.

DO share links, photos, and videos

If you're a retail store, pictures of your newest items could be a great sales pitch. If you're a tech company, sure, show us some of your press. If you're a cafe, maybe a video of your superstar barista.

DO NOT negotiate or try to service an unhappy customer in public.

There's generally no reason for the rest of the world to see you discussing an issue they're having with your service. Try to get the customer to chat via email, direct message, or phone. If anything, to avoid the negotiations from ending up in the press.

DO engage with customers over customer service concerns

But only if you think you can provide sufficient, consistent, and excellent care. Your best bet will probably be to use Twitter to funnel customers into your existing customer service channels, such as email or phone support.

DO NOT tweet about irrelevant stuff

Don't get carried away or tweet too far off topic. We'd love to occasionally learn about your employees or general industry or local topics. We generally don't want to hear your views on politics or sports.

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