6 Corporate Mascots That Desperately Needed A Makeover

Quaker Oats

Photo: Quaker

It’s practically a given that any model or actor serving as product spokesperson is going to get a good airbrushing before the public ever sets eyes on their ad.But, as a corporate icon, you don’t have to be an actual human being to fall victim to society’s standards of perfection.

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Some of America’s most enduring company mascots are getting their own virtual nips and tucks.

As it turns out, unless you’re the Michelin Man, in this day and age, you’d better have a good reason for carrying a spare tire.

While popular culture may be allowed to impose its weight-loss demands on corporate America, it has also force-fed companies a diet of social sensitivity.

We’ve seen our mascots get changed for the better. In other cases, no amount of Photoshop could filter out the offensive — sending them instead into early retirement.

Larry, the Quaker Oats Man

I don't know about you, but when I'm shopping for a theologically-branded oatmeal, I expect a certain level of sex appeal from the guy on the package. Lucky for me, Larry, the Ben Franklin look-alike who's been the face of the Quaker Oats company since 1877, looks like he just returned from mascot fit camp.

Thanks to design agency Hornall Anderson under the direction of Quaker Oats and parent company Pepsi Co (PEP), Larry has gone up a notch or two on the William Penn scale of hotness. So long chubby cheeks and double chin, hello jawline. And Larry hasn't only dropped some weight, a couple inches have been taken off his white locks, as well as several years off his age. The more mesomorphic Larry carries a broader set of shoulders, into which we'll now all surely swoon.



Aunt Jemima

Frito Bandito


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