Celebrity Fitness Fanatics Who Are Hiding Secret 6-Packs

brooklyn deckerWe’re used to seeing model Brooklyn Decker in a bikini, but see six celebs you would be surprised to know have rocking bodies …

It’s officially mid-summer and celebrities are flaunting their bikini-worthy bodies everywhere from Malibu to Mexico.And sure, we’re used to seeing Paris Hilton or Jessica Alba in their skimpy beach attire, but who knew that divorcé Katie Holmes has a seriously taut tummy or that “Today” show host Matt Lauer has no body fat?

MenHealth.com put together a list of 23 male and female A-listers who have been hiding their sexy six-packs.

See if you know who’s who in the magazine’s quiz here.

But first, check out the top six celebs rocking surprisingly fit bodies …

Whether it's a result of recent turmoil in her personal life or taking time to attend her favourite SoulCycle spin classes, Katie Holmes, 33, has a a solid six pack she rarely displays.

Televangelist Joel Osteen showed off his ripped physique this February in Hawaii. Not bad for a 48-year-old pastor.

Clothing designer Marc Jacobs revealed his toned new figure on the runway in 2007. The 49-year-old reportedly earned his beach body by only eating vegan food and working out two hours a day, seven days a week.

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