6 Australian CEOs Reveal The 'Dad Jokes' They Inherited From Their Fathers, Get Ready To Cringe

There is something about Dad jokes. No matter how bad they may be, and how much they make you cringe, you still can’t help but laugh.

Ingrained in our systems from when were are young, somewhere along the way we even pick them up ourselves.

Here are the dad jokes that these Aussie CEOs have inherited – and in some cases we wish genetics swapped out for another quality.

In honour of my dad, and his imitations of Youtube clips like Ultimate Dog Tease here are some the best of the dad jokes from Aussie CEOs that will be going around this Father’s Day.

Man says: I'm taking my wife to the West Indies. Friend asks: Jamaica? Man answers: No, she wanted to go herself.

Alexandra Tselios, Founder of The Big Smoke.

I adore my dad, even if he does remind me of The UK Office's David Brent- he gave his own homemade CD out to my friends when I was 15. The worst joke my dad told from the time I was born was 'Man says: I'm taking my wife to the West Indies, Friend asks: Jamaica?, Man answers: No, she wanted to go herself... I cringe at myself for repeating this joke in my head every single time I hear anyone talk about Jamaica 25 years later.

Hey, I want to show you something... Just kidding

Dan Gregory, CEO of The Impossible Institute

My dad is actually a very thoughtful and considered man and has a habit of stretching a joke out to the point that the punch line loses it’s punch. But his best jokes were more like being Punk’d. He’d come into the lounge room excitedly and say something like, “Daniel, I want to show you something…”, and you’d follow him outside, interest piqued, and he’d just point at the lawn mower. Not really “on stage” material, but I’ve used it myself on members of staff!

What's red, nutritious and invisible? No tomatoes.

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, CEO of Bluechilli

When does one use a dad joke? There's no appropriate time for a dad joke, but it's usually to break the ice or kill some silence.

Let's get on the frog'n'toad and collect your skin'n'blister

Chris Coffey, Managing Director of Vinomofo.com

There's something about dad jokes that are supposed to bring shame and humiliation to the joker, but for me, that was never the case. I found my dad's jokes genuinely funny, witty even. From the cockney rhyming slang 'pass the dead 'orse' or 'let's get on the frog'n'toad and collect your skin'n'blister' to the rapid outflow of puns, spoonerisms and long-winded engineering anecdotes. All I wanted was to be able elicit them as well as dad did.

Once I accepted my fate to be as funny - albeit unappreciated - as dad and his humour, it was an easy downhill slide as my natural bent for banter brought his puntastic prowess into a new era. Even at work now 'you bet shiraz!' and 'don't even Warramate!' have become our wine-related phrases of choice (the latter in loving reference to the eponymous - and delicious - Yarra wine).

I blame Monty Python's Flying Circus, Mr Bean and The Goon Show, but mostly I blame my dad's impeccable taste for things that are hilarious. After all, they do say 'life's a cabernet'.

Surround yourself with people who are much, much better than you

Gina Lednyak, director of L&A Social Media

I grew up in a Belarusian family, so the jokes are hard to translate (and most often inappropriate!), but our family was very jovial and everyone made fun of one another. Rather than joke my dad gave advice (usually delivered over dinner while sipping on a vodka).

Growing up, my dad always said with a Belarusian tinge, 'Gina, surround yourself with people who are much, much better than you'. As a teenager I always took offence to this. After all what fun is it being the worst person at something in a group... I wanted to be the most awesome person!

Today this is advice I take very seriously and can't help but pass on to everyone else. It is a great feeling being an expert and knowing a lot about your field. The more you experience this the more you have to actively seek out people who are better, smarter and further along the learning curve, otherwise how will you ever learn more and be inspired to strive further?! This has by far become my favourite advice to pass on to anyone and everyone and when I am a parent I will definitely be passing it on to my kids as well.

Did you know…

Matt Dyer, founder of EatNow.com.au

My Dad wasn't a big joke teller so no stand out Dad jokes come to mind. What does come to mind though is his Dad facts. Make believe spoken to us kids as if he read it in a nature journal. We'd be walking through a gorge and he would be telling us about the aboriginal tribe that used to live in the area even though he'd never read a thing about it. He had an answer for every question. It took years for me to realise that most of this was made up on the spot. When I became an uncle I noticed I was doing the same thing with my niece and nephews.

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