6 apps that will help you ace your next interview

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To nail a job interview, you need more than just the qualifying skills and experience. You also need to demonstrate that you’re pleasant to work with, adaptable and confident. And nothing helps build confidence more than being thoroughly prepared.

That’s where these apps come in handy, helping with everything from answering tricky interview questions to correctly tying a tie.

Job Interview Prep Apps

The actual interview is perhaps the most dreaded portion of the entire job search process. It feels like one wrong move or a sour answer will ruin your chances of landing the job.

However, it’s not enough to just play it safe. In a sea of candidates, you should do your best to remain memorable (and for the right reasons, of course). Your stand-out resume got you this far in the process. Now, it’s time to show off your personality a little bit in order to demonstrate that you’re a good fit for the company’s culture. It’s also time to show that you have good communication and interpersonal skills necessary to do your job.

Hiring managers have a few quirky questions up their sleeves to see how well you handle yourself. There’s no need to be blindsided by some of these questions.

Here are three apps to help you gain plenty of confidence:

1. Job Interview Question-Answer

This popular app by Career Confidential presents you with questions and then allows you to record your own responses. You can instantly play back the video to judge your performance.

Did you sound confident or hesitant? Did you actually answer the question?

Once you’ve given your response, you’ll see a sample response, which will give you plenty of ideas for how to best answer the question in a confident and creative fashion.

2. Monster.com Interviews

The Monster app is incredibly comprehensive, coaching you through every stage of the interview process. If you follow the app’s carefully considered advice, you will feel as ready as ever for your interview.

In fact, this app includes many features found separately on other apps, making it a great “one stop shop” preparatory app. There’s a map feature that ensures you won’t get lost or helps you find a coffee shop for a pre- or post-interview snack. There’s also a mirror feature that helps you do a quick face check before you make your debut.

Plus, there are plenty of useful resources and features for researching companies, dressing for success, organizing your interview schedule, and practicing answers. There is also a handy list of useful questions you should ask during the job interview.

3. Pramp

Operating under the mantra “practice makes perfect,” Pramp is a free interview practice platform for software engineers and other technical professionals. Although technically not a mobile app, Pramp offers you the unique opportunity to practice interviewing with someone face-to-face via a video call. This puts a little more pressure on you to be prepared, even though it’s just a mock interview. It’s the perfect tool for people who are chronically busy but keen to ace an interview.

4. Wordzen

This nifty plugin integrates with your Gmail account and helps you look polished and professional at all times, even if spelling isn’t necessarily your strong suit. Wordzen goes above and beyond spellcheck by also helping you to craft tactful emails for virtually any situation. Live editors are the key to Wordzen’s success.

5. Charlie

It’s amazing what can be done with the Internet these days. Charlie is an app that gives you an edge for any job interview by researching the HR manager you’ll be meeting with. Forge an instant bond over your mutual love of a particular sports team, for example, and make yourself instantly memorable.

6. How to Tie a Tie

Guys, a well-tied tie is classy and professional, and it also shows that this isn’t your first rodeo, so to speak. Avoid a morning panic attack by installing this app on your phone for an instant tie tying tutorial, in the event that you forget which way is up.

Nailing a job interview doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does take practice. Do yourself a favor and spend a little time with these apps in order to put your best foot forward on the big day.

Cathy Habas is a successful freelancer based in Louisville, KY. She has helped clients market their businesses online via social media management, content writing and strategic planning.