55 People In A Row 'Pay It Forward' At A Massachusetts doughnut Shop

Eileen TaylorEileen Taylor

An Amesbury, Mass. doughnut shop was the site of an inspiring 55-customer “pay it forward” chain last weekend.

Eileen Taylor told CBS Boston affiliate WBZ that she was making her usual trip to the Heav’nly doughnuts drive-thru last week when she learned that someone ahead of her had paid for her order.

“There was a woman ahead of me and she paid for my drinks, and I thought that was really cool. I thought it was really nice, it was unexpected,” said Taylor.

In the wake of losing her job, the gesture brightened her morning and Taylor decided to “pay it forward.”

The next day she began what turned into a 55-person chain. 

WBZ reported that employees were shocked by the consecutive number of participants. The gesture isn’t uncommon amongst regulars, but the length of this chain was surprising. 

Taylor said jobless or not, she won’t hesitate to pay for a fellow customer again.

“It was worth it. It was the best $12 I’ve ever spent,” Taylor said.

The chain ended at 55 only because there were no cars behind the 55th person at the drive-thru.

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