Ustream's Audience For Apple's iPhone Announcement: Bigger Than Cable News


About 500,000 total people watched Apple (AAPL) announce the iPhone 3GS at WWDC over live-streaming site Ustream.

That’s 500,000 unique visitors who watched watched one of 20 Ustream feeds over the event at some point. Those viewers spent an average of around 15 minutes watching. Each feed featured a lay-over ad by default.

Those numbers completely blow us away.

Consider that during the week of June 1, Comedy Central drew 523,000 viewers during any given hour. Last we checked, Fox Business claims something like 6,000 simultaneous viewers. CNBC’s Jim Cramer draws 300,000 on a good night.

Update: A cable news executive reached us to express likeminded blown-away-ness:

“That’s a big number for a mid day niche story…not what I would call a monster news story. But, a really big number.”

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