Massive Floods In Brazil Force 50,000 People To Evacuate Their Homes

The gaze of the world is fixated on Brazil as they host this year’s World Cup. But outside the stadiums a severe week of weather has wreaked havoc on tens of thousands.

On Sunday officials in Brazil revised earlier estimates, now saying that 50,000 people have been forced from their homes because of torrential downpours leading to massive floods. Reports before today had estimated that number to be much smaller.

Channel News Asia reports that officials say floods have hit 37 towns in Santa Catarina and 59 in Rio Grande do Sul. Luckily, the rains seem to finally be losing steam.

The good news for soccer fans is that these floods shouldn’t get in the way of the World Cup. On Monday, the knockout match between Germany and Algeria is happening in Porto Alegre – the capital of Rio Grande do Sul – but according to Channel News Asia they have not been hit by the floods.

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