More Than 500 Big Companies Have Flocked To Exitround To Acquire Dying Startups

Jacob Mullins Shasta Ventures ExitRound
Jacob Mullins, founder of Exit Round and Senior Associate at Shasta Ventures Jacob Mullins

If Angelist is for startups at the beginning of their journeys,
Exitroundgreets them at the finish line. In the six months since Exitround launched, more than 500 large companies have signed up to shop for startups.

Exitround was founded by former venture capitalist, Jacob Mullins and engineer, Greg Dean. It matches startups to larger companies that might buy them. It creates a secure platform deal discussions can begin.

Typically banks help startups get acquired when deals exceed $US50 million. But 91% of acquisitions are below $US50 million, Mullins stated at Business Insider’s Startup 2013 event this afternoon. That’s where Exitround is hoping to find its sweet spot.

Already, startups have gotten acquired on the platform and Mullins team takes a percentage of each sale. Not all of the startups are at death’s door either. Mullins says 6% of the startups on Exitround generate more than $US1 million in annual revenue. A handful generate more than $US10 million.

To help crunch all of the acquisition data on its platform, Exitround has poached Tomio Geron from Forbes to run a new content product it will be launching. Geron worked on the annual VC Midas list at Forbes. As Exitround’s Director of Content Strategy & Marketplace Analyst, he’ll be crunching numbers and pulling out trends to reveal what really happens during the M&A process.