Albert Pujols is closing in on an uber-exclusive club and nobody seems to have noticed

When Albert Pujols hits his next home run he is going to join one of the rarest of clubs in professional sports: Major League Baseball’s 600-home run club.

What is interesting about Pujols’ chase for 600 is that it is not receiving much fan-fare. It is somewhat understandable that we don’t get worked up over the 500-home run club anymore, but when Pujols hits No. 600, he will be just the ninth player to reach that plateau.

The last time there were just nine players with 500 home runs was 1970 when Ernie Banks joined the club, and we cared about that group for another 30 years.

Maybe it is the steroids. Or maybe it is some of the most recent members, including Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Alex Rodriguez. But whatever the reason, the next time Pujols goes deep, it seems like it will barely register on the radar.

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