50 Years Ago Today, JFK Yelled At An Air Force General Over Furniture [Video]


On this date 50 years ago, President John F. Kennedy had a heated telephone conversation with an aide, Gen. Godfrey McHugh. Kennedy was upset because a photo was published of a military aide standing in a special hospital room that had been prepared at Otis Air Force Base in Cape Cod, Mass., for the pregnant first lady.

“General, the Air Force has caused itself more grief with that silly bastard,” The call begins, “did you see the post this morning?”

The president was concerned that it would be viewed as wasted military spending.

The room cost $5,000 in 1963 and was furnished with Jordan Marsh furniture.

“What the Hell did they let the reporters in there for?” Kennedy demands. “Are they crazy? That silly bastard with his picture next to the bed.”

The president doesn’t seem to have much patience for McHugh’s excuses.

“Well this is obviously, uh …” McHugh says.

Kennedy cuts him off — “Well this is obviously a f—up.”

Check out the recorded call:

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