Ending Soon! 50% Off Google AdWords, Plus A Google Expert!

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Today’s Deal:  $75 for $150 worth of Google AdWords

Whether it’s for your day job, your hobby business, your pet charity project, or your start-up idea that someday will rule the world,  everyone could use some search engine marketing mojo. But where to start and how to begin? Google has come through with a great deal for Pipeline members. First, they are offering a starter package of AdWords at 50% off. Even cooler, you’ll get the support of Google’s specially-trained experts and bidding geniuses via a dedicated Google phone team. 

Why We Chose This Deal:

  • Spend as little per month as you like, and adjust your budget as you track results.
  • AdWords Call Metrics, a new feature, automatically includes a unique phone number in your ads to measure calls you receive from AdWords.
  • Link AdWords to Google Analytics to deepen your understanding of the results, such as how people navigated to your site.
  • Give your webmaster a break! We’ve arranged for a Google expert to be on hand to set you up, answer all of your questions, and take care of the trouble-shooting.


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