LAST CHANCE: $50 Goes To The BI Reader With The Best Caption For This Ad

caption contest

It’s time for another round of Business Insider Advertising’s weekly caption contest.In case you’re new, here’s the how it works: Every Sunday we post an image from a ridiculous print ad. Your job is to come up with a witty caption to accompany the shot.

Entries do not have to have anything to do with advertising — this is our twist on the New Yorker’s cartoon contest.

In this week’s image, something weird is going with Archie, Betty and Veronica. It’s your job to tell us what. (Here’s the original.)

Email your submissions to Lstampler @ by MIDNIGHT Thursday May 17 (along with what you do and where you’re from) for a chance to win the honour of being named B.I.’s wittiest reader and a $50 gift certificate to The winner wil lbe selected in a blind vote and announced on Friday.

Advertisers: If you would like to sponsor the caption contest please email [email protected]

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