The 50 Most Creative Brand Pages On Facebook

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With so many brands on Facebook, everyone has a different way of using the medium.Some do it brilliantly while others are behind the curve. 

We’ve highlighted the 50 most creative brand pages on the site.

This post originally appeared at Simply Zesty.


Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals shows how to use video creatively on your page by using live-stream. Their live-stream tab features current and archived videos where you can also chat live to find out more about certain products.


One of the biggest car brands in the world has so much great content to share. From viral videos and ads to vintage photos and new product launches, Volkswagen's page always feels alive and fresh. It focuses a lot of attention on the iconic Beetle and its camper van, which draw you into the more recent models. It is also worth noting that it has a lot of local pages that boost the international one as well.


The second car brand on the list and it has a large, passionate following of people who love their cars. One of BMW's most recent campaigns gave you the chance to create a bespoke BMW infographic that could be shared to your wall; the ultimate prize is a trip to see how the cars are made in Germany. This feels like the sort of page that lots of petrol heads would want to be following because of the its technical nature.


As all automobile companies featured here focus on imagery, Toyota is no exception, but it does break away from the norm by using custom graphics. Its cover photo is a perfect example with car graphics arranged to form a thumbs-up.


Its cover photos and tabs fit the style of the company perfectly. The Lexus cover photo is the perfect way to showcase its latest models and it uses photos to great effect, especially for its archive.


The most iconic automobile company out there. Ferrari knows what its fans like, so Formula 1 updates and breathtaking photos of its newest models are order of the day.


The world's leading shoe brand, Converse, fills its timeline with examples of its guerrilla marketing campaigns as well as gigs and promotions it holds for its fans.


Gap shows how you can make the most of your Facebook tabs not just for competitions and apps, but for real business value. A great example of creative execution for recruitment here.


The fashion store is all about showing off its latest collection so as you would expect, photos and images play a massive part. H&M models, clothing, fashion events and competitions regularly feature on the page.


Even if you're a fan of denim or not, Levi's ties its product into all areas of life. While there are the traditional model images you would expect, it does throw in the odd video and lifestyle post every now and again.

Victoria's Secret

It's great to see brands investing time in its posts and not just fancy tabs or apps, and you can learn a lot from Victoria's Secret here. It uses its wall to showcase its products perfectly, but also take the time to do this creatively, such as with its 'this' or 'that' features, where it create customised links for featured products in photos

DC Shoes

Like Red Bull, DC Shoes associates itself with extreme sports and portrays itself as a lifestyle brand. So iconic images, numerous event promotions feature.


Not the most striking cover photo around, but Lacoste does make up for it through its consistent design and regular use of multimedia imagery.

Louis Vuitton

With an eye-catching design and a great example of cover photo and profile picture working in perfect tandem, the fashion brand Louis Vuitton plays to its strengths and focuses on imagery to get its point across.

Design You Trust

From the name alone, you would expect this design community site to have an impressive Facebook page, and it doesn't disappoint. Regularly sharing inspiring design and images you don't really come across that much, it has also found an impressive way of sharing its photos via thumbnails and a hack via


Cheating slightly here as this creative execution isn't directly on its Facebook page, but M&Ms showed how fan engagement can go a long way when it created a mosaic of fans' profile photos to celebrate reaching one million likes on its page. All you had to do was enter a status to pull in your profile photo and be part of the design.


We've included Sharpie for its impressive use of images alone. Featuring quirky designs by Sharpies, cartoons and sharing fans' art, it's a great example in how to make the most of Facebook photos to extend your brand.


GoPro the world's most versatile camera (in its words!) uses its cover photo to great effect by showing off a magnificent photo.


Pringles fill their page with jokes memes and fun images to keep its 20 million+ fans entertained. Scrolling through the history of the company via timeline is also a fun and nostalgic way of learning about about the unconventionally-shaped crisp.


McDonald's currently boasts promotional offers as well as plenty of Olympic-focused videos and other media content on its popular Facebook page. It is well run and regularly updated with intriguing content.


Starburst regularly update its Facebook page, and, along with an extensive history that stretches back to early 1981, there are occasional features with major recording artists such as One Direction.

Ben & Jerry's

A great example of fan involvement here, as Ben & Jerry's regularly features fans' photos of the week, both showcasing their products and showing fans that it cares. Some seriously impressive images on there.


One of the biggest sweet brands in the world were very early in embracing social media with campaigns across all the main platforms before other brands had even woken up to the potential of social media. Skittles' content is always bespoke to Facebook and with over 20 million fans to keep engaged their focus on dry humour and putting the fans at the centre of all content through innovative competitions.


A brand that promotes itself as exciting and fresh, Subway hosts a variety of competitions and special offers on its page, which is certainly one (very effective) way of keeping people liking and commenting on its page.


With close to 30 million fans, OREO has devised a Facebook strategy that revolves around creating bespoke content that people love to share. You'll often see their cookies in images such as Elvis, Star Wars, celebrating the mission to Mars and even a controversial gay pride week cookie.


Who doesn't like Nutella? The brand makes sure its page is both fun through a combination of sections like 'nutiquette' and through its imagery. For example, the brand released a number of images during the Olympics using the product to symbolise certain events like fencing and archery.


Because everybody loves food shots! Reese's page features numerous ideas for treats which it posts onto its wall for its fans to drool over. Knowing what it is and what people expect from it are the reasons why this page works so well.

Red Bull

An action brand whose cover photo accurately portrays the brand's extreme sports persona. Red Bull's updates reflect this with numerous action shots and videos.


Coca-Cola tends to feature in lists like these and it's easy to see why. The page is cheerful and sharp, and the different tabs and photos come together to create a nice, bright design.


In keeping with their brand image, energy drink Monster fill their page with images of extreme motor sports -- rally cars, dirt bikes, triumphant drivers on the podium.


Fanta have recently added a 3-D element to their Facebook page, which is sure to amuse some and guarantee a few minutes wasted. Otherwise, it's home to funny status updates, polls and promotional images.

Dr Pepper

When you are competing with other drinks giants like Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Fanta who have huge social media presences, you need to stand out. Dr Pepper does that to their 12 million Facebook likes by creating pictures and rich media content that are heavily branded and focus on common internet memes.


Like Coca-Cola, Starbucks is another brand that is regularly featured on lists like these and it is easy to see why. It's use of imagery to promote its products, and it's use of Timeline to highlight its history, means that the page is content rich.


Apart from a brilliant cover photo and profile picture combination, Sprite doesn't update its brand page nearly as often as it should which is a pity because the sport and graffiti imagery regularly does a great job of promoting the brand's image.


This is one area where Samsung has a huge competitive advantage over arch rival Apple because with 12 million likes and a large level of engagement, it has a massive community to sell products tap into. It places a large focus on content and showing off their slick products as well as giving their fans the chance to win them all through competitions.


All about connecting people, Skype's cover photo reflects this and through a mix of humour and personalisation, keeps the page relevant to users.


The Intel Facebook page is strong in its usage of images and info graphics, which are plastered up and down the page's timeline. Whether providing interest-piquing statistics on cyberbullying or making references to Warhol and Pac-Man, you can count on the Intel page to be clean and bright.


PlayStation use their Facebook page to give their fans a glimpse of their latest games in the form of large, widescreen screencaps. Some really beautiful and striking images on show.

The New York Times

Another magnificent cover photo, this also tying into the brand's message. That is, reporting and capturing moments from the ground up. A nice touch is that the page goes all the way back to the 1800s when The New York Times was first founded, giving you an idea of its heritage.


A perfect example of tabs and cover photo working in perfect tandem. Not only is Livestrong's design consistent, but the blog tab does a great job of connecting it to the cover photo.


Wanting to portray itself as a family brand, Walmart usually switches its cover photo to reflect the time of year. This one, which shows kids going back to school and some action shots, perfectly encapsulates what the brand is about.


Dove's cover photo encapsulates what the brand is about. It represents all women and wants to make everyone feel beautiful. It does this through inspirational messages, style tips and numerous competitions.


When your company's history is as rich and beloved as Disney's is, your Facebook timeline is going to take advantage of that. Scroll through the House of Mouse's timeline to recount some of your favourite stills from their innumerable range of classic films.

Manchester United

Manchester United make great use of its timeline, having chronicled events back to the 1800s when the club was founded. Man Utd is a great brand to look to for a creative use of Facebook, as it was one of the first brands in the UK to have Timeline go live on their page.

Paddy Power

This page might only have 250,000 likes, which is small for the list of huge international brands that we feature on the list, but their content is so unique, engaging and downright funny that it would make it on our list. You might not be in to gambling, but if you like sport, having a laugh and getting lots of unique content then this is a page you simply have to sign up to.


Google and Facebook may be at odds when it comes to their social media platforms, but with over 60 million Facebook likes, the YouTube page (owned by Google) is a great brand to follow in terms of seeing the latest and best content from the video sharing website. Have your video featured on this page and you are on the way to a massive viral hit.


All about the music. Apple's iTunes page is all about the imagery. With a sleek look, regular updates and great use of imagery, the page does a great job at keeping users engaged.

Mozilla Firefox

With a cover photo like the one Mozilla Firefox has, how could you not like its page? But seriously, this embodies the tone of the page with lots of scope for humour mixed in with practical tips for product users.


We weren't going to have a list like this and not feature the company responsible for it all. Facebook's cover photo is the image that shows the entire world's connections through the site.

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