50 Cent To Sell Dietary Supplements

We’ve extensively chronicled the entrepreneurial nature of 50 Cent. The rapper has made no secret of his ambition to become a billionaire and already seems to think of himself as a businessman. Now, with his music career stalled (his new album has been pushed back several times), he’s branching into other fields.

NY Daily News: “When [my career] blew up, I developed the Diddy syndrome. That’s where this jacket came from,” Fitty recently laughed, rubbing his dapper velvet blazer. “As soon as you develop the Diddy syndrome, you put a little more grease in your hair, and soon enough, you’re selling cologne.”

But he’s not selling cologne—yet. The first product to get Fitty’s Diddy-esque approach will be dietary supplements. So, what’s he calling them?

“I can’t tell you,” he laughed. “I’d be blowing the big launch party!”

We can’t wait.

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