50 Cent is still stuck with his sprawling Connecticut mansion after filing for bankruptcy

ImageCourtesy of William Raveis RealtyNo money, mo’ problems

Mondays are rough — especially if you’re 50 Cent.

Originally reported by The Wall Street Journal, the rapper filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week, estimating between $US10 million and $US50 million in assets and debts.

But he still can’t get rid of his his 52-bedroom mega-mansion in Farmington, Connecticut.

He listed the property as his current residence on the bankruptcy papers, alongside his actual name, Curtis Lee Jackson.

The home is currently off the market, and we doubt Jackson plans to throw a party anytime soon, so here’s your inside look at the estate he just can’t shake.

Leah Goldman contributed to an earlier version of this post.

Back in 2003, 50 bought the 17-acre home from Mike Tyson's ex-wife Monica Turner for $4.1 million.

In 2007 he listed it for $18.5 million, dropped it to $14.5 million in 2009, then $10.5 million, and finally $10 million in 2011 before giving up.

We don't understand why nobody wants the mansion -- it has a helipad.

The elegant entrance resembles a hotel.

Back when he could afford extravagant parties, he welcomed his guests with style

We imagine fine dining goes on here, but now maybe without imported white truffles.

Large windows brighten up the home, allowing plenty of sunshine to cheer up any bankruptcy blues.

There's a large open kitchen with granite counter tops that could fit an entire restaurant staff.

Here's where 50 sleeps and dreams about when Forbes reported he was worth around $155 million (back in May).

The master bathroom is luxurious and fit for the lifestyle of the rapper, actor, and executive producer.

Here's a bathroom. Again, pretty luxurious.

The guest suite is bare but spacious.

Of course he has a home theatre, because how else could you fill 52 rooms except by inviting a whole lot of people over to watch a movie?

His home office is filled with 50 Cent memorabilia for a trip down memory lane.

There's an entire club, with a dance floor.

A two-quarter rapper name means you need two of everything, including pool tables.

Here's where 50 sculpts his body, because nobody's born with a six pack.

There's also an indoor basketball court.

G-Unit must've shot hoops year round, because here's the outdoor basketball court.

The indoor pool lends itself to year-round pool parties.

And if three separate living areas with kitchens, bedrooms, and dining rooms aren't enough, there's a pond house to top it off.

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