50 Cent is putting his 50,000-square-foot palace back on the market

Rapper Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. “50 Cent,” is putting his massive 50,000-square-foot home in Farmington, Connecticut back on the market, the Hartford Courant reported Wednesday.

50 Cent bought the property from boxer Mike Tyson in 2003.

The report comes more than a month after the hip-hop mogul filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The mansion, which the “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” rapper has been trying to sell since 2007, boasts a jaw-dropping 21 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms — and costs him $US72,000 per month to maintain.

The home also has a dance club inside, a helipad on top, a huge gym, massive pool, and basketball courts both inside and out.

The original 2007 listing priced the house at $US18.5 million, but it dropped steadily over the next five years. According to the Courant, Jackson was trying to lease the property to raise money.

In May, Forbes listed 50 Cent’s net worth at $US155 million, but the July bankruptcy filing told a different story. The rapper apparently has $US108,000 per month coming out of his pocket for expenses and lawsuits. He even tricked the world into believing he was way richer than he actually is, a fact he came clean about during his bankruptcy case.

The rapper currently owes $US7 million to a woman named Lastonia Leviston who won the payment in court after 50 Cent released a sex tape of her to the public as payback to his nemesis, Rick Ross, who fathered a child with Leviston.

50 Cent also owes an $US18 million court-ordered payment to Sleek Audio after a partnership to produce headphones failed. The filings total $US25 million, the same amount 50 Cent claims in assets.

Business Insider did report, however, that the rapper has $US10 million in cash and $US500,000 in cars, as well as multiple endorsement deals and ongoing business ventures.

Take a tour of the luxurious mansion 50 Cent is selling here.

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