50 Cent asks for a reduction in $7 million judgment after he says he's too broke to pay

50 centGetty50 Cent filed for bankruptcy in July 2015.

50 cent is asking a judge to reduce the $7 million he owes in the case over a sex tape he posted of a rival’s girlfriend. And the rapper is asking for a pretty big reduction — down to $1.6 million.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s attorney is arguing that the $7 million judgment is excessive, since it awards Lastonia Leviston compensatory damages for each one of the charges she brought up against 50 Cent, according to the New York Daily News. The rapper’s attorney says the payments are duplicate.

Leviston was awarded $7 million after suing 50 Cent for intentional infliction of emotional stress in posting the video without her consent.

A decision on Jackson’s request to lower the judgment will be decided by the end of the month.

Jackson filed for bankruptcy in July 2015. Soon after, he played down the filing in press interviews while promoting the movie “Southpaw” by calling it “strategic” and implying that it was done to fend off lawsuits such as Leviston’s.

His bankruptcy hearings are ongoing in Connecticut court, where he is once again arguing that he’s too broke to pay his creditors includingLeviston.

Business Insider reached out to 50 Cent’s representatives for comment.

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