Meet The Five-Year-Old Basketball Phenom That Has Already Been Contacted By Kansas State

The next LeBron James?

Maybe that’s premature, but five-year-old K.J. Farfan is already a top basketball prospect.  He’s received personal letters from Kansas State coach Frank Martin and Florida coach Frank Haith and he’s had a one-on-one meeting with Isiah Thomas.

Why?  Because he’s really good.  The kid can’t even read but he was playing against seven and eight-year-olds when he was just four.  He now plays in three leagues for kids under the age of 10.  Take a look at Farfan ball:

Farfan has been featured on a number of basketball Web sites and has done several radio and television interviews.  You might have seen him on NBA TV.

He apparently became hooked on basketball after he saw a Michael Jordan DVD when he was 11 months old. 

He already endures a crazy workout regimen that includes miles of running, parachute training, sit-ups, and push-ups. 

Farfan also has a “personal trainer and massage therapist, not to mention a nutritionist, personal security guards at his games, and a barber who makes house calls twice a week to trim his hair.”

Basically he’s living the NBA life at the age of five.

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