5 Unbelievable Ways You'll Be Using E-Ink Within A Year

Photo: via Engadget

At the SID 2011 conference in Los Angeles (Society For Information Display), E-Ink set up an awesome press booth where they demonstrated some unique ways you can use E-Ink.One way we loved was to display sheet music. No more awkward  page turning while playing piano ever again.

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You can’t buy any of the products yet, but they are proof of what you can do with E-Ink. We think a lot of companies will want to take advantage of the highly efficient and adaptable technology.

E-Ink has been one of the contributing factors to the Kindle’s success, sucking up minimal amounts of battery life while being as legible as type on a piece of paper.

It seems like all the time, the E-Ink technology is getting better and better, offering faster refresh rates, better contrast, and even better battery life.

We see huge potential for viewing sheet music using E-Ink.

This snowboard has an E-Ink tip that displays a variety of information

Here's an E-Ink remote control

We'd buy this E-Ink thermostat. Consumes much less energy than other digital displays

This GPS unit will last a lot longer than GPS units with LCD displays

This display shows how many credits you have on a highway toll pass

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