Stop Wasting Everyone's Time: 5 Tips For Running More Productive Meetings

Note: This post was originally published at OPEN Forum.

If you’re like most small business owners, meetings are the bane of your existence. In fact, you and your staff probably spend a great many hours in rambling, unnecessary, or badly-managed pow-wows. 

But, in the current tough climate, when employees are stretched to the breaking point,  who can afford wasting time in productivity-sapping meetings? 

As it turns out, there are several simple ways to boost meeting efficiency. Try following these five steps.

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Determine whether email will do the trick

Prepare ahead of time

Stick to your guns

Use follow-ups strategically

Include in the agenda a time to discuss necessary actions that need to be taken after the meeting. Doing so accomplishes more than making sure steps will be taken to follow through on decisions.

It also ensures everyone leaves the meeting with the same expectations and understanding of what went on.

Try to leave employees solid blocks of meeting-free time

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