5 things you should never buy at Target

Target is one of the best chains in the business for bargains. However, there are a couple of items that you should keep out of your shopping cart.

CBS News interviewed the managing editor of website Ben’s Bargains, Kristen Cook, to break down what you should be buying at Target — and what you should be avoiding.

While Cook says that customers will rarely be ripped off at the retail chain, “there are categories you can definitely find a better deal elsewhere.”

Here are five categories you should avoid at Target:

1. TVs and electronics

If it’s not Black Friday, you can find better deals elsewhere, according to Ben’s Bargains. The website recommends visiting Best Buy or eBay instead.

That might be an issue for Target — last quarter, the company experienced a sales decline in the category, alleviated somewhat by the growth of wearable tech.

2. Mobile accessories

Iphone charger

Items such as chargers or iPhone covers rarely go on sale at Target. Check out eBay or Amazon instead.

3. Shoes

Women shoes shopping

Ben’s Bargains argues that Target’s flashier designs don’t justify the higher cost of footwear at Target than competitors like Macy’s or Walmart.

Still, investing in fashion has paid off so far for Target — the company’s women’s apparel category had some of the fastest sales growth at the company last quarter.

4. Party and craft supplies

Cloth napkins

Target’s craft section is a relatively recent add-on — and not necessarily a bargain-friendly one. Look for Jo-Ann Fabric or Michaels coupons online, or just hit up the dollar store.

5. Gift cards

Gift cards

When it comes to gift cards, better deals can be found elsewhere. Ben’s Bargains recommends eBay or gift card resellers like Raise, and Costco also has some excellent discount deals of its own.

Check out CBS News’ article for more info on what items bargain shoppers should be buying at Target.

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