5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Spriggy’s Alex Badran and Mario Hasanakos. (Source: supplied)

Here’s Tuesday’s top tech news:

1. NBN CEO Bill Morrow says customer experience varies according to the choice of retailer. But he won’t reveal the good or bad. Morrow brought out a chart this morning showing the top 5 retailers having customer satisfaction ranging from 5.9 to 7.0 to demonstrate how the same product delivered in different ways can make a huge difference to the end user. But the chart wasn’t labelled with the names of the retailers. Read why he won’t reveal the identities.

2. Microsoft has beaten Amazon to get its cloud into Canberra. The tech giant revealed it is installing its Azure computing infrastructure into two locations in Canberra, available in early 2018. The sites are connected directly to the ICON network, which serves public institutions in the city and will be certified to carry data classified as “protected”. Read more on how this makes it easier for startups to pitch for public sector clientele.

3. There’s an unremarkable building in Canberra where government agents regularly try to break in. Canberra Data Centres, which will host the Microsoft Azure cloud when it launches in the nation’s capital next year, is certified to hold “top secret” data for the government. Read how the authorities test out whether it is worthy of this privilege.

4. A pocket money fintech that provides a Visa card for children has raised $2.5 million. Spriggy has been backed in a capital raising round led by Alium Capital and says it will use the cash to scale up from its existing base of 35,000 users. Read how the system benefits both children and parents.

5. An Australian hosting tech company has been acquired for $52 million. CRN reports Digital Pacific will retain its brand, which is well familiar to the local tech industry, but the ownership will now transfer to US company Deluxe Corp’s Australian arm.

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