5 things you need to know in Australian tech today


It’s finally here – four days off work! Check out these stories before you dash out of the office:

1. Australia was targeted by a malicious email campaign spreading Microsoft Word docs that could steal your banking details. After the flaw in the popular word processing software was discovered last week, Microsoft rushed to put out a patch, but not before unscrupulous folk also rushed out emails this week that look like documents scanned on your office printer. Read more on why Australians were picked on.

2. Sydney is better than Frankfurt, Paris and Tokyo for growing fintech. This was the outcome from a Deloitte report that combined three different measures to calculate how conducive 44 fintech hubs around the globe were for further industry development. Read more on how Sydney was ranked 8th in the world and which cities came out on top.

3. Female entrepreneurs face many more hurdles in securing external investment much more than their male counterparts. The SMH reported that Diverse City Careers co-founder Gemma Lloyd was once propositioned while pitching her startup to a potential investor. She and co-founder Valeria Ignatieva ended up boostrapping their venture with assistance from their families.

4. Tech billionaire and Trump transition team member Peter Thiel has sold down his stake in New Zealand company Xero. Thiel, a nominal Kiwi citizen who admitted to never intending to live in the country, is no longer classified as a “substantial shareholder”. Read more here.

5. NSW government’s Sydney Startup Hub project has reportedly lost iCentral as an anchor tenant. InnovationAus.com has reported, without citing a source, that iCentral has withdrawn from the project over high rent and lack of tech focus.

BONUS – As an extra juicy long weekend begins, let us all promise each other to tune out and enjoy time with our families. Most Australians reportedly feel compelled to check their work email at home on weekends.

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