5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

The founders of Canva. Cameron Adams, Cliff Obrecht and Melanie Perkins. Photo: Canva.

Here’s your top tech news today:

1. It’s all happening at Spaceship. Business Insider can reveal the fintech startup has been in secret talks with APRA and is on the verge of getting a rare superannuation licence. Watching the licensing development, investors, including a US VC firm with Julia Gillard on the board, have decided to plough another $50 million into the fledgling enterprise. Read more on the latest develpments.

2. NBN is finally considering telling everyone how fast their internet could be. It has held kept quiet until now because it wants the retailers to volunteer this information – but patience is starting to run out, with the government currently considering allowing the NBN to disclose so that end users can choose the best plan on offer. Read more here.

3. Canva just tripled its revenue. The Australian graphic design software startup is going gangbusters, to rake in more than $23 million for the 2017 financial year while reducing its net loss to $3.3 million. The Sydney company now has more than 10 million subscribers in 179 different countries. Read more.

4. “Tap and go” on EFTPOS is starting to become a reality. After launching on ANZ’s Apple Pay customers last month, the debit payment provider started contactless on Android Pay today for ANZ and credit union customers. EFTPOS is playing catch up after Visa and Mastercard dominated the tap scene in retail in recent years, but does offer consumers lower fees for its service. Read more here.

5. Meanwhile, its rival Mastercard has opened a tech hub in Sydney. The AFR reports the multinational is opening its only southern hemisphere innovation centre in the harbour city to research how artificial intelligence, blockchain, natural language processing and robotics could play a part in fintech.

Bonus: SafetyCulture’s Luke Anear has revealed the secrets to his success. He wrote a column for Business Insider today that shows the five ways he gets his staff to share in his vision – it’s a must-read for any budding entrepreneur.

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