5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

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The weekend is getting close enough to touch! Here are the five top tech stories for your Thursday:

1. Right now there are people making money lining up for the iPhone 7 on behalf of strangers. The going rate seems to be $200 to stand in line for 24 hours until the release of the smartphone tomorrow morning, up from $150 for the iPhone 6 launch a couple of years ago. Check out one Sydney student who’s doing this for a stranger on George Street right now.

2. At least those people paying others to line up will get their phones. Telstra customers that put in pre-orders expecting to get iPhone 7s on the first day have been left disappointed. Check out Telstra’s explanation after one irate customer asked why.

3. Uber is now allowing Australians to schedule their rides ahead of time. You can now book a ride 30 minutes to 30 days in advance. Check out which areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth have been selected for the initial rollout of Scheduled Rides.

4. Australian graphic design software provider Canva has doubled its evaluation to $460 million in just 12 months. The startup announced overnight that it scored US$15 million investment from Blackbird Ventures and Silicon Valley’s Felicis Ventures, with chief executive Melanie Perkins saying that 50,000 new users signed up in one day last week.

5. Amazon-owned video streaming site Twitch has created a new channel that allows users to watch other people eat. ‘Social eating’ is a real fad in South Korea, now spreading to USA and Europe. Read why Twitch is getting into this bizarre phenomenon.

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