5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Photo: Fantastic Four/ IMDb.

TGIF. Here’s what’s happening.

1. The Iconic is making a comeback. The fashion ecommerce site is expecting to swing into the black next year after shifting its focus from “anyone with a credit card” to tech-savvy Gen X and Yers and getting retail basics right. Here’s more.

2. Cyber-crime continues to rise, and women are behind an increasing proportion of cases uncovered. For the six months to March, the value of frauds uncovered almost tripled. There were 116 frauds with a combined value of $381.1 million, an average ripoff of $3.3 million, according to KPMG’s latest Fraud Barometer. The proportion of frauds committed by women in Australia have increased by 26%. While male fraudsters are responsible for 61% of offences with women at 39%. Chris Pash has more.

3. Guvera had to make so many changes to its float prospectus it issued a new one. Music streaming company Guvera has been forced to make 45 changes to its prospectus for its controversial $1.3 billion float, including revealing it would need to raise further cash within seven to nine months should it only raise its minimum $50 million target. More here.

4. Hilary 2 – Trump 0. Clinton has served another beat down on Twitter, leaving Trump to eat his words. Last week she set the internet on fire telling Trump to “Delete your account”. This time she has improved her word count, with a one-word tweet: “Hi”. See how it unfolded here.

5. Labor wants to re-purpose the $360,000 StartupAUS grant, if elected, for an innovation strategy for regional Australia. Shadow parliamentary secretary for digital innovation and startups Ed Husic made the announcement in Geelong today, saying by 2030 approximately two out of every five Australian jobs will be affected by automation, meaning more focus is needed on developing skilled talent especially in regions. The Australian has more.

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